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For the first time ever,  Art of Trait courses are now being offered in the English language and available to anyone through the internet.

These courses are aimed towards the carpenter, architect, designer, woodworker, stonemason, builder, general contractor, and anyone who wishes to learn about stereotomy and Art du Trait. The courses are designed for the beginner, with little to no experience, and the expert with lots of experience. Everyone can learn from these courses and it will revolutionize the way you think about volumes, depth, and 3D space. The knowledge you gain from taking these courses will save you thousands of dollars from designing correctly to installing and working properly, and having the know-how. The know-how is what makes the difference of either getting the job or not and completing it on time or not. The added benefit of taking one of these online courses is that it will save you thousands of dollars of lost time at work, travel expenses, hotel and food costs. These courses are done at your own pace and time at the comfort of your own home or shop. No time lost at work and no expensive away-from-home course. 


Be sure to view the Course Preview here. You'll see what a course looks like in action and it will give you a good idea of the journey you are about to embark on.

For anyone who wishes to start our online courses, you must start with Stage 1 - Drawing on the Draft Board. Since we will be building scaled down models, the student will need to get finished dimensioned pieces of wood (either mechanically or manually). It is recommended, prior to the course, to have a basic understanding of hand tools. For a complete list of tools required for these courses, please click here. Our courses are progressive and become more complex and complicated as you advance. Therefore, you must have the prerequisite to advance into the next course. There are tests and exams throughout each stage to verify that you have understood the ideas and principals. A professor will be at your side through each stage of the course. Once you have completed each individual project, it will be corrected by a certified professor who will ensure that you have understood and are ready to advance to the next project. Each course has more then 40 hours worth of material, equivilant to a full time one week course or a semester at a college or university level. If you have any questions please feel free to email - Otherwise, you can visite the FAQ section here.

Please note; Course material consists of HD step-by-step guided videos, therefore you will need a device that can play HD.

Since these courses are taught internationally, we will be using the metric system.

The course material will be sent via Google Drive.

Course stage 1-4 come with a free 30 minute ($45 value) and stages 5 and 6 come with a free 45 minute ($65 value) consultation or Q/A time with a professor. This time is used for questions or help with your online course and development. It can also be used how you would like. Additional time can be purchased in the Consultation and Q/A time section on the left.

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All course material will be emailed to the email address provided at the checkout.

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