Intro to Stereotomy - Straight and Linear or Double Curvature
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Select this product and check out to secure a spot for one of the weekend courses. When checking out, please indicate the following in the 'Special Instruction' section:

1) Which dates you would like to sign up for

2) Whether you are interested in the 'Straight and Linear' course OR the 'Double Curvature' course.

The course is flexible in that students can choose which dates they want and what material they want to learn during each one of those dates. 


Available dates - Feb. 8,  April 11, May 9,  June 13,  July 11,  Aug. 15, Sept. 19th,  Oct. 17,  Nov. 14. 

Click HERE for examples of Double Curvature projects


Click HERE for examples of Straight and Linear projects



Course Description

One of the greatest ways to learn stereotomy is by practicing net models. The net of an object is the flattened out surface that can be folded back into its 3D shape.

Our students learn the basics of stereotomy by creating the net of a cube, pyramid, irregular pyramid, single and double curved surfaces, and then onto roof designs. A lot of the net projects include irregular pitched roofs with hips and valleys, and other's include curved surfaces.

The advantage of practicing this technique enables the brain to better visualize the overall size and shape of a design very clearly in the mind first. They are exercises for the mind. An idea is first seen in the mind's eye....

During the course students will use paper as a medium for creating the net surfaces. These courses are great for architects, designers, carpenters, general contractors, and those interested in creating and designing structures.


These progressive courses are an introduction to Stereotomy where participants will

  • learn proper drafting techniques
  • learn drafting tool usage
  • be creating net surfaces of folded out 3D shapes based on given dimensions and restrictions
  • be creating and designing structures both simple and complex

Spots are limited and is treated on a first come first serve basis. However, priority is given to past students who are working towards their certifications.


Class starts at 8am and finishes at 4pm (plan on arriving at 7:45am). There will be a coffee break in the morning (coffee and snacks are provided) and a 45 minute lunch.


Each date costs $185 USD or $245 CAD plus tax (13%). The $100 USD when checking out is used as a course deposit. Remainder of payment is due on arrival.

 Due to limited spaces, the course deposit is non-refundable.

You will receive a confirmation email, as well as, a Welcome Package by mail with more details (i.e. tool list) once signed up.

These courses are accredited towards our
Professional Certificate
Advanced Professional Certificate




If you have questions please contact Patrick Moore at or 819-664-9596 (cell)


The school is located in Nepean, Ontario, Canada



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Intro to Stereotomy - Straight and Linear or Double Curvature

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