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For sale is our Professional School of Practical Stereotomy company logo USB stick. It is 15GB of memory.


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The information provided within the USB stick is best suited for pre-Art du Trait courses. There are numorous articles, books, and essays on the topic.

Free with every purchase; A lifelong collection of over 700 books, essays, treatises, articles, plates, presentations, and multimedia files. Some of these books and treatise date before the 17th century. For the most part, these files cover the massively wide range topic of carpentry and timber framing from around the world. Also included are books and articles on Stereotomy, Descriptive Geometry, and Art du Trait.  Some files cover the topic of the Compagnon and the Compagnonnage system in France and Europe.  Because of the nature of these files a lot of them are in French but a large number are in English and a few are in German and Spanish. All files are in the ‘public domain’ which means there is no copyright infringement. As mentioned before, a lot of these books date during and before the 19th century which are found publicly on Google books and random sources of public domain books and articles.

Here is a part list of books, essays, treatise, articles, and multimedia that come free with the purchase of a USB memory stick;


  • The complete series Art du Trait Pratique de Charpente - Emile Delataille 19th century
  • Charpente General Theorique et Pratique - B. CabanieĢ 19th century
  • Demonstration et Pratique de L'art du Trait de la Charpenterie - Billon Freres 19th century
  • Etude sur la Charpente au Japon - Dauphiné Malko 21st century
  • The complete series L'Art de Charpenterie - Mathurin Jousse 17th century
  • Escaliers en Bois et Menusierie d'Art - A. Volland
  • La Menuiserie Moderne -L. Bertin
  • Les Meubles Modernes du Menuisier
  • Menuiserie d'Art Contemporaine - E. Foussier
  • Menuiserie d'Art Nouveau - F. Barabas
  • L'Ebénisterie - Nouveau Traité Théorique et Pratique - L. Caillet
  • Nouveau Traité Pratique de Menuiserie Moderne
  • Nouveau Traité Théorique et Pratique de l'Ebénisterie d'après Roubo
  • Supplément au Traité Théorique et Pratique de Charpente – Luois Mazerolle
  • Traité et Modèles d'Escaliers d'Art - E. Delbrel
  • The complete series L'art du trait de charpenterie - Nicolas Fourneau
  • Probleme au l'art du trait de charpente au 19iemes siecle - J.D. Boucher
  • Traité Théorique Et Practique De L'art De Batir - J. Rondelet
  • A History of Architecture in All Countries from the Earliest Times  - James Fergusson
  • A Treatise on The Teeth Of Wheels - John Isaac Hawkins
  • Architectural Notes on German Churches - Rev. W. Whewell
  • Artisanat, Metiers et Compagnonnage - Gabriel-François David
  • Basic Concepts of three-Dimensional Descriptive Geometry – Unknown
  • Centralblatt der Bauverwaltung  By Garmany Ministerium der Offentlichen Arbeiten
  • Charpente générale théorique et pratique - B. Cabanié Tome 1
  • Charpente générale théorique et pratique - B. Cabanié Tome 2
  • Compagons Inscription onto the List of the INtagible Culutral Heritage of Humanity – UNESCO
  • Constructions en bois - Cours à l'intention de la 1ère master en Constructions
  • Derniers Voeux Du Pere Soubise - L. Carrier Dit Picard l'Esperence
  • Descriptive Geometry - Earle F. Watts and John T. Rule
  • Descriptive Geometry Exercises of Advanced Level - V. Moravcov
  • Du passage par le rite aux rites de passage - Nicolas Adell
  • Elemens de geometrie - M. Clairaut
  • Elementary Principles of Carpentry - Thomas Tredgold (2)
  • Elementary principles of carpentry chiefly Composed From The Standard Work of Thomas Tredgold
  • Glossaire de la Charpente - Les Compagnons Charpentiers
  • Histoire de la charpenterie et des ancien communaute et Confreries - Emile Begin at Ferd Sere
  • Histoire des charpentiers - Antoines Moles
  • History of Descriptive Geometry in England - Snezana Lawrence
  • Introduction to the mechanical principles Of Carpentry in Two Parts - Benjamin Hale
  • Jean-Pierre Boucier - L'introduction du Trait
  • Journeymen’s Mobility and the Guild System A Space of Possibilities Based on Central European Cases - Sigrid Wadauer
  • La Charpente - Les principales pièces des charpentes traditionnelles
  • La Force du Trait et le Chef-D’oeuvre - Nicolas Adell
  • La tradition du tracé dans la charpente française – UNESCO
  • l'art du xviiime siecles – Watteau
  • Le compagnon du tour de France - George Sand
  • Le compagnon du tour de France Tome Premier - George Sand
  • Le rôle de la métaphore dans le Compagnonnage - John D. Herzog
  • Le theatre de l'art de Charpenterie Enrichi de Diverses Legures - Mathurin Jousse
  • Les charpentes - Sirine Abou Chakra
  • Light and Heavy Timber Framing Made Easy - Frederick Thomas Hodgson
  • Nouveau manuel complet du charpentier - MM. Biston et Hanus
  • PhD Thesis on French Scribe - Ulrik Hjort Lassen
  • Plates to Descriptive Geometry - Albert Ensign Church
  • Pratique de l'art de construire - Joseph Claudel et L. Laroque
  • Recherche sur les différents assemblages traditionnels utilisés en charpente
  • Revolutions in Parallel - The Rise and Fall of Drawing in Architectural Design - Kristina M. Luce
  • Rituals of the Workplace - Mathew Phillpott
  • Specifications for Practical Architecture - Alfred Bartholomew
  • Stereotomy - A Multifaceted Techinique - Joel Sakarovitch
  • Symbolism and Ritual in the Compagnonnage of the Tour de France - Juliana Glassco and C. Patrick Moore
  • Tetoszerkezetek - Dr. Nemeth Gyorgy
  • Textbook on practical solid or descriptive Geometry  - D.A. Low Part 1
  • The Making of the French Working Class
  • The Operating Tradition of the Compagnonnage du Devoir du Tour de France - Michele Montemurro
  • The R.O.Byrne Restoration-Conservation-Craft Websites
  • The scribing tradition in French timber framing – UNESCO
  • The teaching of Stereotomy in Engineering Schools in France in the 18th and 19th Centuries - Joel Sakarovitch
  • THEM AND US - a comparison between freemasonry and the Compagnonnage
  • Thesis - The Invisible Tools of a Timber Framer - A survey of principles, situations and procedures for marking - Ulrik Hjort Lassen
  • Traité de charpente - J. Adhemar
  • Traite de coupe des pierres - J Chaix
  • Traité de géographie descriptive -  Jule De La- Gournerie
  • Traité de géométrie descriptive Planches - Charles Francois Antoine Leroy
  • Traité de l'art de la charpenterie - A. R. Emy
  • Traite de l'art du Charpentier - J.H. Hassenfratz
  • Traite de Stereotomy Comprenant Les Applications De La Geometrie Descriptive – Leroy
  • Treatise On Those Parts Of Geometry Needed by Craftsmen
  • What is Descriptive Geometry for - Hellmuth Stachel, Institute of Geometry

Multimedia files include; some of which can be found on YouTube

  • ‘Art du Trait’ Course Preview with C:. Patrick Moore
  • La tradition du tracé dans la charpente française
  • Over 32 traditional songs sung by carpenters during the Tour de France
  • Apprendre travailler voyager - Compagnons du Devoir
  • Le chef d'oeuvre d'Yvan
  • Le compagnonnage, réseau de transmission des savoirs et des identités par le métier
  • Le Compagnonnage
  • Le Musée du Compagnonnage
  • Les Compagnons du Tour de France - Reportage France 3 Franche-Comté
  • Portes ouvertes chez les compagnons du devoir (Sarthe)
  • Reportage - De la Renardière au Chef d'Oeuvre… -  Rodez 2015
  • Saint Joseph Spiral staircase
  • Traditions et Compagnons
  • Tours - on s'entraîne avant les Olympiades des Métier
  • Unique FM interview with C:. Patrick Moore in French
  • A bunch of videos displaying the German guild traditions
  • Sven the Journeyman
  • Stamps from famous Compagnon Carpenters – C:. Emile Delataille, C:. Joseph Denis Boucher, and the C:. Pierre Francois Guillon (Professor of Trait)
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Professional School engraved logo 15GB USB wooden memory stick

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