Stage 1 - Drawing on the Draft Board
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Here, the student will learn about the important basic fundamentals of 'Trait'. We will learn how to draw using the proper drafting techniques, the marking and laying out of different lines and what it represents, sliding of the square, learning about pencils, lead, ink, and markers and when to use them.

The first drafting project will learn how to create a working drawing given a 3D view (perspective view) of an object. Afterwards, we will cover the basic bents or croseframes in timber framing, the end view, how to properly place a hip or valley (straying and in french 'devoyer'), and we will build a basic hip for our first model. Their will also be a couple basic raccords with this.


As a summary this course package includes:

  • Proper drafting techniques
  • Drafting tool usage
  • Marking and laying out of different lines
  • A quick overview of the basic bents or crossframes in timber framing and the joinery
  • The end view to gain the backing angles
  • Straying of the hip and valley
  • Basic paper net raccords
  • The first model - The Hip
  • Second model - The Valley


Shipping fee at checkout is used to cover the cost of Google Drive acess.

Students have a four (4) month deadline to complete the course. The average amount of time to complete Stage 1 is approx. 40 hours.



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Stage 1 - Drawing on the Draft Board

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